Mad Imagery #3

In where the Mad Scientist attempts to post a photo or more a day.

{Chatuchak Park, Bangkok, Thailand}

Day 3


A friend whom I met the previous year in China flew out to Thailand to visit.

We decided that we needed to hit a market.

After all, what is a visit to Thailand without visit open air markets.

My friend told me the weekend market at Chatuchak Park is the place to get everything and anything.

I think he is right.

For me it was just a short bus ride from the north side of the city from my friend’s townhouse.

Silks, pictures, pottery, food, shoes, jeans, purses, hats, ice cream & Books!!

Just look at all of those beautiful books.

Walking away with only one book, I made sure it was huge.

I picked up The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown… I had recently finished The DaVinci Code for the third time.

Mad Imagery #2

In where the Mad Scientist attempts to post a photo or more a day.

{Petronas Towers, Malaysia}

Day 2


Shortly after arriving on my first day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I dumped my stuff at the hostel. Showered and cleaned up so as not to be too stinky of a backpacker. Soon, I found myself on the city transportation train system headed to see the famous Twin Towers. The Petronas Towers is an amazing 88 floors tall. Break your neck looking up tall. They are no longer the tallest buildings, however they are taller then NYC Empire State Building. No wonder they are iconic when you think of KL or Malaysia.

Upon walking into the buildings I found a classy mall selling Chanel and other brands of same sort. There was also a movie theater, science center, aquarium, and a performing arts theater. Next time I might just book a ticket to see something fantastic.

The sky bridge is the worlds largest two story bridge. I did not feel the need to pay so much to go up 40 some floors to look over KL. It didn’t seem as impressive as going up 90 some floors in Shanghai the previous year.

To Be Read Thursdays #1

My dears, we see so many pretty posts about what you received in the mail, bought or borrowed. Goodness, they are lovely but it is deeply heartbreaking to know that so many will not get read as the piles stack.

We all know it is the book lovers catch-22!

In hopes with TBR Thursdays, we might have a glimpse into the weeks pile of books that might be devoured so that they may not get too dusty.

What imaginary worlds do you plan on exploring?

What is on your To Be Read pile for the week?